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Trip Funnel Workshop: How To Generate Leads That Pay For Themselves

Advanced Strategy For Consultants, Coaches, Small Business Owners, Digital Marketers and Entrepreneurs...

To Build A List That [Pays You] To Scale Your Business!

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Learn The List Building Tactic That Big Name Marketers Are Using On You To Grow Their Lists, That They Are Absolutely Praying You Never Discover For Yourself...

Want To Get More Customers Every Day With No Out Of Pocket Costs?

  • The Secret To Getting "Free" Leads

    Advertising is expensive, you need a way to cover the cost. I’ll teach you a system where people pay you to join your list!

  • The FREE Myth Exposed

    Giving Away Freebies Is Hurting Your Business, and it’s the polar opposite of what the top earning marketers are doing…

  • Get Customers Automatically With Trip Funnels

    Stop chasing customers. Attract Them To You 24/7 With An Easy To Setup Trip Funnel.

One of the personal issues I have to work through is self-worth/worth. I've been conditioned to ask 'why would someone pay $5 when they can find it somewhere for free'.

This is challenging me in a good way - it simply means I need to put something together that someone will look at on the first step of the funnel and realize this is worth MUCH more.

(Just like you mentioned in the training). It's all about the value proposition.

I'm Openly Sharing How To Generate Unlimited Self-Financing Leads In This Online Trip Funnel Workshop For ONLY $11!

Why $11? Because That's What It Costs Me To Reach You With This Message & You Need To Cover That Cost To Gain A Huge Advantage In Your Business...

Or You Could Go Spend 50 Hours Trying To Figure Out Guessing How To Do this Instead Of Just Taking The Easiest Path To Success 😉

What You'll Learn In This Practical Time Saving Business Explosion Workshop:

  • Creating Your TripWire Offer

    Get Instant Access To An 80 Minute Training Session On How To Design, Create & Automate A Funnel That Gets People To Pay You For A High-Value Low-Risk Entry Offer So That They’ll Buy From You Over & Over…

  • The 8 Key TripWire Offers To Create That People Will Quickly Pay You For
  • How To Use A TripWire Offer To Get More Consultations!
  • The One Key Tool That Will Save You 50-100+ Hours In Setting Up Your Funnel.
  • 14 Time Saving Resources For Creating Your TripWire Offer & Funnel
  • How To Make Your TripWire Offer An Instant Purchase Decision.

Brian Campbell is a must have mentor..

John Feliciano John Feliciano
Network Marketer
  • Trip Funnel Building Resources

    Not only will you receive how to design the perfect TripWire offer, but you’ll also learn all the mechanics of setting up an automated sales funnel when you register for the workshop:

  • The 10 Step Complete Blueprint For Creating Your Trip Funnel
  • The Exact Cut N Paste Templates To Eliminate Frustrating Design Headaches
  • How To Quickly Write Converting Copy, Or Have Others Write It For You
  • What Messages To Put Into Your Follow Up Email Sequence
  • How To Viralize Your Offer By Delivering Interactive Community Support

Joining the tribe will be well worth it.

Lewies Vander Lewies Vander
Trip Funnels Workshop Attendee
  • Community Brainstorming Discussion Group

    This isn’t just a one way dead lesson. It’s a living breathing community of active entrepreneurs building and sharing what’s working to generate endless leads that pay for themselves! A community with lifetime access to get valuable feedback & support!

  • Confused about where to start in your business? Post ANY Question & Get Fast Community Feedback (we have really smart marketers already here)
  • Not Sure If Your Idea Is Solid? Ask for Help, that's what we're here for!
  • Get Real Opinions on Your Videos, Salesletters, Offer Pricing, One Time Offer, And Upsell Ideas...
  • Form valuable connections with other entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and small business owners.
  • Receive Encouragement & Inspiration By Being Part Of A Driven Community That Has A Real Purpose

Awesome stuff Brian! The value i'm getting is insane. I'm still going through the trainings, but I can see how much impact they'll have on the other end. Appreciate it all!

Jamie Gardiner Jamie Gardiner
Owner and Founder at Leadco Solutions
  • Real World Case Studies

    The Initial Training Is Only The Foundation For The Real Value Being Provided In The Trip Funnel Workshop. Be One Of The FIRST 10 MEMBERS To Create a Trip Funnel & Get a Personalized Video Analysis Of Your Trip Funnel With My Personal Suggestions For Improvement.

  • Learn From Real Examples Of Real Trip Funnels In Action!
  • Advanced Techniques Revealed Like "One Time Offers" & "Creative Upsells"
  • See How Other People Are Using Trip Funnels In Their Business And "Tweak" Yours
  • Insider Knowledge On Over A Dozen Businesses Will Be Provided On An Ongoing Basis
  • This Will Be A Constantly Updated Method As We Refine Our Methods And Learn Even More Powerful Shortcuts!

Wow man, so much content its off the hook!!! doing my best to keep up with it and stay present with exercises and mind like water Bruce Lee style in da flow!!

Benjahmin Koenigsberg Benjahmin Koenigsberg
Radiant Confidence Men's Group Founder

Create A Self-Financing Trip Funnel Without Wasting Hours Of Your Valuable Time Trying To Figure It Out On Your Own.

Yes! You CAN Google it. And 3 hours later be more confused after they suggested 10 different opinions. Or you can honor your time by learning quickly with all the logical steps laid out for you with links to all the relevant (and often free) resources you'll need.

This Workshop Is For You If:

  • You're looking for a real way to generate more leads for your business in an affordable way.
  • You're A Consultant That Wants To Consistently Fill Your Consultation Call Calendar On Autopilot.
  • You're A Coach That Wants More Authority & More Clients.
  • You're A Small Business Owner That Wants More Customers.
  • You're A Digital Marketer Or Entrepreneur That Wants To Grow A Large Responsive Targeted List That Pays For Itself!
  • $11 Is An INSANE Bargain To Learn How To Automatically Grow Your List

This Workshop Is NOT For You If:

  • You're Not Ready To Use Advertising To Grow Your Business
  • You're Determined To Do This The Hard Way, Without Any Help, By Yourself
  • You're Looking For A Way To Get Something For Nothing Without Providing Real Value
  • You Want To Spend More Money On A Less Targeted List Than Having A List Pay You To Build It
  • You're stuck in 2016 & Clinging To What You Learned From Someone Back Then Teaching What Worked In 2015
  • $11 Is Worth More To You Than 50+ Hours Of Your Time

Take A Big Shortcut To Grow Your Business, With Absolute Zero Risk On Your Part

60-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Register for my workshop today. At any time in the next 60 Days, if you aren't totally thrilled with the extensive training, community membership & lifetime case studies...just ask for a refund and I'll refund your entire purchase, completely hassle free! Note: I'm not willing to risk my reputation for $11, you can easily have it back if you don't absolutely love this training.

Only $11 To Register!250 Max Lifetime Spots Available

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

  • q-iconWill This Workshop Really Teach Me To Get "FREE" Leads?

    Yes! That’s the entire purpose of this workshop! The word “Free” is in quotes because this workshop teaches how to create a low priced up front product (a.k.a. TripWire) to cover the cost of advertising to build your list.

  • q-iconAre These Really Targeted, High Quality Leads?

    The Trip Funnel Process shows you to build a list of actual customers. People who have given you small amounts of money ($5-$20) to learn from you are far more qualified than the average freebie seeker, tire kicker or info moocher!

  • q-iconDo I Have To Join The Guru Media Tribe?

    This is a “preview” lesson from the Guru Media Tribe. It’s simply one of our weekly training lessons that people are currently paying $777/year to learn from. I’m offering it as a way for you to “try us out,” but this is a completely self contained lesson that you can use with or without full GMT membership.

  • q-iconI've Never Created Anything Before Online. Can I Do This?

    The reason why this is so powerful for newer entrepreneurs is that you will learn the entire marketing process in bite sized form. Before you can create a Huge MEGA Package, you first need to learn how to create a complete sales system. If this is your first funnel setup, you’ll soon have all the knowledge to create your next-level irresitable offer!

  • q-iconI've Got A Business. How Will This Get Me More Clients?

    This workshop will show you how to automate many of the things that you’re already doing to get new customers. By translating what already works for you into an online system, you’ll be able to reach more people in less time (imagine getting new clients at 2 am when you’re sleeping).

  • q-iconI Don't Have A Business Yet. Can I Benefit From This?

    You absolutely can. This is the perfect starting point for anyone in the “idea stage” of creating a business. It’s often tempting to get lost in the business building phase. The most important thing you can do for your future business is to ensure that you can build a growing list of prospects. Allow this list to grow so that you have an eager audience to launch your business to when the time comes!

Now You Can Afford A Steady Stream Of New Customers Just Like The Top Earning Marketers!

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